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DRBD release questions 7 years 3 months ago #273

So maybe it's time to power up the DDK and give it a try as soon as personal workload permits. Will report back if done. Many thanks for sharing your insights and this terrific project.

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DRBD release questions 6 years 10 months ago #345

First step done!
Did a 'git clone git:// -b master' and compiled the latest 'unified' DRBD userland tools while waiting for 'Creedence' to be released.
Two pitfalls to circumvent: (1) build: newlines in substitution variables lead to ./configure error; (2) install: new DRBD init script uses drbdadm command of 9.0 pre-release (adjust-with-progress).
Our further testing is now ongoing on both XS 6.2 hosts with DRBD kernel module 8.3.15 and DRBD userland 8.3.15/8.9.2rc1 (primary/secondary). Anything special to watch out with this configuration?
How is your development/testing against 'Creedence' going on?

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DRBD release questions 6 years 10 months ago #346

Thanks for the update.

Regardling XS 6.2 with DRBD 8.3.15 - this has been extremely stable with many known production systems. I would not expect much trouble.. it is imperative, however, that the configuration steps are following closely - particularly setting the LVM filters correctly. I've written an installer which performs all of the installation steps automatically to reduce the possibility of user configuration error. This is 90% done and will be released soon once final testing is done.

I have not had time recently to devote to Credence. I plan on picking this up in the new year and work towards a Credence friendly release.

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DRBD release questions 6 years 9 months ago #351

  • Salvatore Costantino
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Please see note below copied from a response to another user. Work on compatibility with XS 6.5 (AKA creedance) is well underway and working well so far. To your point about compiling DRBD packages, our test version for XS 6.5 include pre-compiled RPMs of the DRBD modules that match the DRBD version included in the XS kernel.

Thanks for the feedback. We could use some help testing against XS 6.5. So far we have not seen any issues. New releases with some minor changes for 6.5 are posted on our mirror along with an automated installer to try. Please test and provide feedback, particularly on HA recovery scenarios which have not all been fully tested yet with 6.5.

Some things worth mentioning with the 6.5 release:
- DRBD 8.4.3 (default kernel provided version) does not work well with openvswitch. Openvswitch must be disabled in order to function properly (installer will handle this)

- we are no longer dependant on a kernel specific DRBD kernel module since DRBD is part of the stock kernel in 6.5

- we have been testing and are now supporting use of the default local SR as iscsi storage. A new installer will prompt users to either convert the local SR to iscsi-ha or specify an alternate block device.

- installation for the entire ha-lizard cluster is now completely automated which eliminates problems for users that were following the how-to and making mistakes.

TO build a cluser with the new installer:
1) create a XS pool with defualt 6.5 installation and 2 hosts
2) create a network interface between the host and assign IP addresses
3) Download and run the installer on each host (link below). THe installer will grab the latest releases automatically.

Installation Instructions:
cd /tmp
chmod +x halizard_nosan_installer_1.3.8


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