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XenServer 6.5 6 years 6 months ago #401


Regarding the iscsi target, By design, the iscsi target will be OFF (TGT not running) on the slave host under normal operating conditions.

yeah, i got that after some time of looking into the matter.

I did some checking and host names specified in drbd.conf are case sensitive which exlains your initial issue.

I am pretty sure that having a xenserver hostname and host-label like "Xen-Server-1" and an drbd.cond definition like below doesnt work.
on Xen-Server-1 { 
device /dev/drbd1; 
disk /dev/sda3; 
meta-disk internal; 

It only worked after renaming the host and service name to lower-case and changing it to lower-case in drbd.conf and rebooting the servers.

On the issue with the VMs starting automatically after shutdown, this is HA-Lizard doing its job.

Yeah, i figured this out and edited my posting above. I had mainly been busy with the iscsi config and did read those docs but kinda neglected the HA docs.

It would be good if the script would ask for the global HA default ( GLOBAL_VM_HA) and would output something like "Configured GLOBAL_VM_HA default is ... all VMs will ...". Or at least output global GLOBAL_VM_HA state and that all VMs will be auto restarted. Maybe add a note like "See HA-Lizard_X.Y.Z.pdf" for more information. This should prevent more RTFM cases.

Lastly - your post from yesterday mentioned that xenserver reported the slave as being disconnected from the iscsi SR. Has this been resolved?

Yes, after rebooting the last installation after i manually re-did the drdb config and initial drbd installation.

As i did write above: I did made a fresh new install with all lower case host and service names and your script worked without any glitches!

The idea to have an iSCSI interface to drbd is pretty slick btw!



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